The Oklahoma Government Information Technology Association (OGITA) is a not-for-profit group formed as a professional resource for the exchange of information, resources, knowledge, and experience. Membership is open to any government/public entity statewide. Members may be IT Professionals or those who support computers/software as a secondary role in their organization.

Why should I join OGITA?

With an OGITA membership, your organization will be able to tap into the knowledge and experience of IT Professionals statewide through our website (, members-only forum, e-mail listserve, monthly roundtable forums, quarterly training sessions, and OML Conference sessions.

How do I join OGITA?

Your membership will allow for two voting members per organization. You may have additional non-voting members who can take advantage of the forum and other members-only benefits

Do I belong in OGITA?

"I'm actually a City Clerk/Treasurer/Librarian, not an IT person, but I often help others with their computer equipment and/or software, do I belong in OGITA?"...,Yes! Believe it or not, you also have great experience and information to share AND you can take advantage of the experience and knowledge of others in the group. We want to hear your voice and know what has worked for you and what you may be working on.