March 3rd, 2017 - Summary

Here are my notes from the meeting. These are the answers from the Microsoft employees. Seems like the biggest thing, was if your DC isn’t 2012 R2, it needs to be for the policies mentioned to work.

Mandatory/uncontrolled reboots because of updates

Can define active hours and/or specific time for it to reboot.

Restrict Cortana/Windows Store/OneDrive

Group Policy (GP) can be applied to disable the above (Cortana reverts to a simple search, no personalization)

Privacy concerns from telemetries

Can be turned off

Is the Windows 10 upgrade still free?

No, this ended Oct ‘16

Ads on start “menu”

Start menu can be controlled via GP (which includes ads)

Server requirements for AD integration, GP changes/compatibility issues?

Windows Server 2012 R2

Control/Restriction of WiFi/Network sharing

GP controlled

User folder structure changes compared to older versions.

Consistent with Windows 7-8-8.1

Known application compatibility issues

No “Common” applications, but can’t say for everything. Can arrange loaner equipment to test compatibility. Also offers “Compatibility Mode”.

Security improvements?

Microsoft Hello was also mentioned, newest version integrates with AD

VMware compatibility

As of the Anniversary Update, yes.